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The Thursday Thrift // February 2016

Most of my thrifted wardrobe comes from either the Goodwill or in the form of hand-me-downs.  And usually, my thrifted wardrobe consists of sweaters or skirts.  I have another sweater to show you all today.  At least I’ve taken a turn from only having way too many thrifted […]

The Thursday Thrift // December

After a whole month of way above normal temperatures, it finally got cold.  Perfect timing for me and my thrift-inspired outfit posts, yes.  What I had planned on wearing this month was exactly appropriate for the cooler temps, a green acrylic sweater.  In no way would this be […]

The Thursday Thrift // October

I was on time this month with this post, but you will never know now.  Here I am already two weeks late getting it published, even though it has been sitting in my drafts folder this whole time.  I have several reasons for this, but never mind them […]

The Thursday Thrift // September

What?  It is already well into October, isn’t it?  I know, I know, I never posted anything for September.  I didn’t even forget, I just never got any photos taken.  It was a bad month for me, photogenically speaking.  I was having one of those ‘bad hair’ days […]