The Thursday Thrift // January 2016

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wearing stripes and polka dots

It’s the first Thursday Thrift of the new year, and I am on time.  As hectic as my weeks have been, I am very happy about this.  I can now give out a sigh of relief knowing that the whole wide interweb knows what my first thrift inspired outfit of 2016 is.

I was a bit stumped when I thinking about what to wear for today’s post though.  Usually I have something in mind, and usually it’s a sweater – I get them second hand the most.  But, no, it couldn’t be another sweater, and so I couldn’t decide on what would be blog worthy for you all today.  Then it hit me.  These posts (well, all of my outfit posts actually) are really just showing off my own personal style.  So what might be blog worthy to one, wouldn’t even make an impression to another.  And since this blog is all about me – it’s my personal style and how I wear my clothes – I could just pick whatever I wanted without even bothering to ask myself if it was blog worthy or not.  Current problem solved!  (Not really a problem though.)

Today, worthy of my blog, I am wearing an old favorite.  It may have been up here on the blog before, I don’t remember, but not as a Thursday Thrift feature that I know for sure.  At least I think I know for sure.  Anyway, this knit black and grey skirt is today’s item of choice.

winter knits

I picked it up years ago at the only thrift store I seem to know about, the Goodwill.  A year ago, this skirt was on a weekly rotation since I got it.  It was one of my skirts of choice when I didn’t know what else to wear, so I am surprised it is still in good shape.  What also surprises me is how I haven’t worn it in so long.  My style has changed a bit in the last year.  Probably has something to do with all those dresses I keep making.

Knits are just so versatile, aren’t they?  And this is about as far as I go with pattern clashing.  Well, wait, there was that one time when I wore this skirt

Okay, I will leave you with that.  Nothing too exciting, but then again, my personal style usually isn’t.  Anyone else wearing something thrifted?  Let me know; I’d love to see it!


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