After a whole month of way above normal temperatures, it finally got cold.  Perfect timing for me and my thrift-inspired outfit posts, yes.  What I had planned on wearing this month was exactly appropriate for the cooler temps, a green acrylic sweater.  In no way would this be a very comfortable thing to wear in 75 degree temps, not for me anyway.  Today is the day it finally gets its first outing.

military-esque style

It also seems only appropriate that I end the thrifty side of my year, similar to how I started it: in a warm sweater.  Both of which were from that same thrift-savvy, dear friend.

I will never tire of adding sweaters to my closet.  I usually luck out and these only come into my life via deeply discounted end-of-season sales, or I really do find them at the thrift shops.  Whichever case it may be, sweaters are always on my bargain-bin shopping list.

thrifted fashion

I am quite happy with this sweater, it is plenty warm, and it is my number one favorite color.  The pocket style and buttons both give it a little bit of a military-esque vibe, which I kind of like.  It did take me a little longer than usual to pick out something to go with it.  Then, my biggest problem was deciding on what shoes to wear.  I know I should have gone with boots, but black ones stood out too much, and my greyish/green pairs were the wrong color.  So for the sake of photos, I am wearing what you see here.  I will probably end up with a different pair on when I do make my way out of the house, and they are probably going to be one of the pairs of boots I decided against earlier.  Perfectly matching or not, I will at least be warm.  Did I mention it is cold outside!?

TT Dec 2

I would like to thank you all for reading, commenting, and liking my posts this year.  I know my Thursday Thrift ones were a little late from time to time, and after contemplating ditching these posts altogether a time or two throughout the year, I am happy that I stuck with them.  I have decided that the Thursday Thrift will be continuing on into 2016, and I am looking forward to it.

I hope you all have a great rest of your year.  Thanks for reading!

Details: sweater – New York & Co (thrifted) || dress – made by me || shoes – Doc Martens (thrifted) 

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