The Thursday Thrift // January

thrifted sweater

Hello there, how is the day going for everyone?  It has been a little while since I last posted about thrifted clothes, a couple of months in fact.  You know what?  I’ve missed it.  This is the first Thursday Thrift post of the year and it will be one of 12 this 2015.  If you remember the last time I blogged here about thrifted fashion, I told you all how my wardrobe was indeed expanding, but not by clothing that I have been picking up at my local Goodwill or nearby thrift stores.  I have a few months to go before yard sale season picks back up, so because of the second hand void in my closet, I am cutting back on these posts.  Mark your calendars though, because the last Thursday of the month will be the day for my Thursday Thrift feature from now on.

This week, this cool and partly sunny week, I am loving sweaters.  I really do love them year round (we’ve got ridiculously cold air-conditioning everywhere around here come summer time), but I am particularly fond of them during the winter.  I wear summer dresses every season, so warm arms this time of the year is a must.  Plus, winter is mostly on the mild side, and a long sleeved sweater will keep me warm enough while out and about on any given day.  I wear sweaters in the house, when I wake up, on my way to the gym, as a jacket; anytime and everywhere.  I love them!

thrifted warm sweater

Here is my newest sweater of the hand-me-down sort.

My dear friend recently gave it to me, whether it was brand new or not, I don’t know, I didn’t ask, it doesn’t matter.  It became second hand when I got it and that therefore makes it Thursday Thrift approved.  🙂

Thrifted American Eagle

It is American Eagle Outfitters brand and made from rabbit hair.  Can’t you just feel the warmth?  A little itchy to some (the main reason I ended up with it), but after wearing it for a few minutes, the itchiness goes away for me.  It has stripes, one of my favorites; and it is gray, very versatile for all kinds of colors and designs.  Although, some may object to my pairing of florals and stripes…  What do you think?

Thursday Thrift sweater

Details:  sweater- American Eagle Outfitters || dress – made by me || shoes – Doc Martens || necklace – made by me

Just because these posts show up less frequently, I will still take links to your thrifted outfit posts.  Leave me a comment so I can add it here for others to check out.  You thrifters are pretty impressive with your stylish finds!  You can also use the hashtag #ThursdayThrift and I will keep an eye out for it throughout the day.

Until next month, happy thrifting, everyone.


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