The Green Pineapple Dress

IMG_1354editNot only is this the green pineapple dress, but also it is my most favorite homemade dress yet!  I had the pattern for a while before finally giving it a try back in October with this dress.  In the mean time, my green pineapple material has just been hanging in the closet waiting to be turned into something wearable.  I finally got up the nerve to cut into it this last weekend.  Having made the dress already was a big help, but my first choice of material was much easier to work with being that it was cotton and not rayon, which is what this material is.

I made a few mistakes making this one, and I had to take apart the white band a few too many times, but the mistakes I did make weren’t enough to ruin the dress.  I did much better with the invisible zipper this time around and I used all of the interfacing that was called for.  This dress isn’t lined, and isn’t supposed to be, which is great because I don’t really like lining dressesI just might size down on the next one I make because I had to cut a lot of material off of this one too when I pulled it all together to install the zipper.  All that aside, I still love this dress!

Pineapple Dress

Pineapple Dress 2

Pineapple Dress 3Dress – New Look 6048 || Sweater – Aeropostale || Shoes – Doc Martens

Although, this dress doesn’t count for any particular month, just an added bonus, it was what I really wanted to do for October, but when the practice dress came out so well, I just stopped while I was ahead.  I had had my eye on this fabric all summer long, and I am so happy I finally decided to get it.  There were two choices, this and red, I am more of a green girl myself but I did contemplate the red for a few seconds.  I guess I am still drawn to Walmart’s material department, because this was yet another dress that came from their fabric section.  I just can’t help making the rounds every time I go, and it is much easier to browse than a regular fabric store, there are just too many choices at Joanne’s!

Speaking of fabric stores, I just recently came across, and I may never go to a real fabric store again.  I have maybe 30+ yards of wishlist fabric, just sitting on a design wall.  And the prices are great!  That is where I am ordering my backing for my almost-ready-to-quilt, quilt.  And I think I will probably throw in a few yards of something else.  I am so happy to have gotten back into sewing.  And it makes it all the better when the projects get done and are wearable.  I have impressed myself!  Now, I am ready to get started on December’s dress, I have one in mind, finally.

What do you think?  Are you a fan of novelty prints?  How about summer dresses worn year round?  I know this dress is not fall appropriate, but the weather we’ve had lately hasn’t been either.  Wearing this dress, I feel like I just need a tropical drink of some sort and I’ll be all set.  A beach might also be nice.  😉

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