October’s Dress

Okay, I warned told you there would be a dress post to come, and here it is.

October's dresswhy does there always have to be wrinkles?

This dress a month thing was not something I came up with all by myself.  Since Me-Made-May, and even since the beginning of the year, I have been wanting to sew more, and since May, I have come across another blog that I started keeping track of.  She sews a dress a month, and as I was looking through her collection, I thought, what a great idea!  A perfect way for me to get better with sewing and a month is a good amount of time for a project without feeling rushed.  Plus, I can finally get to making all of those patterns I have been hoarding all these years.  So, the Ordinary Fashionista was who really got me thinking about this dress-a-month project.  (The Goodwill was just my final push into it.)

Now, for October’s dress.  I made it last weekend.  I started Saturday night just cutting out the bodice.  It was only going to be a practice dress and I only needed to make the top.  Everything went so well, no mistakes, and no darts!  Lately, I keep messing up on those.  It seemed so easy, why stop there.  But I did stop there for the night, it had gotten late by this time.

The next day I needed to run to Walmart.  I was looking for the invisible zipper I had been dreading to put in, and while I was there, I thought they might have some more of the practice material I had bought for the bodice.  Things were going so well with my first draft, I figured I should just finish the whole thing.  After hunting down the fabric and finding one of only two colors available of invisible zippers, I came home and spent the rest of the afternoon finishing this new dress.  My practice run, once again, turned into a finished project.  This is why I would rather buy cheap, but nice, and not actual muslin material for my muslins.  Sometimes I surprise myself!

October dressNew Look pattern 6048

Since this wasn’t originally started as the final product, I didn’t add interfacing to the top band, and I didn’t use a contrasting material.  I stuck strictly to the way the pattern was supposed to be cut, size and all, and followed every direction exactly.  If I was gonna modify anything, I wanted to know just where it was going to have to be.  The only modification I did end up making was at the end when I put the zipper on.  I had to take in a bit more than what was called for at the top so the dress wouldn’t be too wide when it was zipped up.  Oh, and that invisible zipper I was not sure I could figure out…  Well, it was the easiest thing ever!  And way nicer looking than a regular ol’ zipper.  I am a new fan.  I had only one mistake on the back, and I think I am the only one who notices this, so I won’t tell.  Oh, wait, I just saw one more.  Still, I won’t tell about it either.  🙂

October's Dress back

Oct dress and shoesStyled for fall with a sweater.

dress – made by me || sweater – Old Navy || shoes – Chic

I just may have another one of these dresses before the month is over, I really like it!

*Linking up today with Passion for Fashion, Favorite Fashion Friday, and with Style Elixir‘s Friday Fab Favorites.

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22 thoughts on “October’s Dress

  1. The dress is gorgeous! The pleats in the front are perfect!
    Thanks for linking up for Favorite Fashion Friday. Hope to see you back this week!
    Penniless Socialite
    Target Giveaway!

  2. Can’t believe you made this! One day I should really learn how to sew!
    Arielle from Tangled Musings

    1. Start with skirts! They are the easiest things I have made. 🙂

  3. I can’t believe you made this! It’s such a great goal to make a dress a month to better your sewing skills. You did a great job with this one!

    1. In just the few months so far, my sewing skills have improved a bunch. Completely reading the directions is also helping a lot. Thanks for your comment.

  4. One dress a month. That’s concievably doable! Looks fabulous. And I can’t see any mistakes so as far as I am concerned there aren’t any and I didn’t hear you say otherwise.

  5. Hurrah for conquering the invisible zipper! And that’s so cool that your “practice” dress turned into your real dress! That is a pretty pattern!

    1. This could very easily become my most favorite pattern. Hope I don’t go crazy and end up with one in every color. 😉

  6. Love it! I can’t believe you made it. I can sew a straight line but I can’t follow a pattern to save my life. If you’d said this was from Anthro, I’d have believed it. It’s super cute with those flats!

    1. I was so sure I was going to mess this dress up and have to add it to the unfinished pile. I am glad you like it. Thanks!

  7. Wow! You MADE that dress? I thought it was from free people or something lol. Kudos. And those burgundy Mary Janes are perfect with that dress.

    1. You are too kind! Free People, such a compliment – one of my favorites. I appreciate it! 🙂

  8. Such a pretty dress. I love the cut, fabric and pairing with the flats.

    1. The dress did end up matching the shoes pretty well. Thank you! I hope to get a lot of wear out of it, even if seasonally ‘inappropriate’.

    1. Thank you! They are one of my ‘new’ favorites even though I have had them for so long. 🙂

  9. What a gorgeous dress!! I love the pleats – you do good work 🙂

    1. Why, thank you! This was the first dress I have done with pleats, and they weren’t too hard to figure out.

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