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October’s Dress

Okay, I warned told you there would be a dress post to come, and here it is.

October's dresswhy does there always have to be wrinkles?

This dress a month thing was not something I came up with all by myself.  Since Me-Made-May, and even since the beginning of the year, I have been wanting to sew more, and since May, I have come across another blog that I started keeping track of.  She sews a dress a month, and as I was looking through her collection, I thought, what a great idea!  A perfect way for me to get better with sewing and a month is a good amount of time for a project without feeling rushed.  Plus, I can finally get to making all of those patterns I have been hoarding all these years.  So, the Ordinary Fashionista was who really got me thinking about this dress-a-month project.  (The Goodwill was just my final push into it.)

Now, for October’s dress.  I made it last weekend.  I started Saturday night just cutting out the bodice.  It was only going to be a practice dress and I only needed to make the top.  Everything went so well, no mistakes, and no darts!  Lately, I keep messing up on those.  It seemed so easy, why stop there.  But I did stop there for the night, it had gotten late by this time.

The next day I needed to run to Walmart.  I was looking for the invisible zipper I had been dreading to put in, and while I was there, I thought they might have some more of the practice material I had bought for the bodice.  Things were going so well with my first draft, I figured I should just finish the whole thing.  After hunting down the fabric and finding one of only two colors available of invisible zippers, I came home and spent the rest of the afternoon finishing this new dress.  My practice run, once again, turned into a finished project.  This is why I would rather buy cheap, but nice, and not actual muslin material for my muslins.  Sometimes I surprise myself!

October dressNew Look pattern 6048

Since this wasn’t originally started as the final product, I didn’t add interfacing to the top band, and I didn’t use a contrasting material.  I stuck strictly to the way the pattern was supposed to be cut, size and all, and followed every direction exactly.  If I was gonna modify anything, I wanted to know just where it was going to have to be.  The only modification I did end up making was at the end when I put the zipper on.  I had to take in a bit more than what was called for at the top so the dress wouldn’t be too wide when it was zipped up.  Oh, and that invisible zipper I was not sure I could figure out…  Well, it was the easiest thing ever!  And way nicer looking than a regular ol’ zipper.  I am a new fan.  I had only one mistake on the back, and I think I am the only one who notices this, so I won’t tell.  Oh, wait, I just saw one more.  Still, I won’t tell about it either.  🙂

October's Dress back

Oct dress and shoesStyled for fall with a sweater.

dress – made by me || sweater – Old Navy || shoes – Chic

I just may have another one of these dresses before the month is over, I really like it!

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22 Replies to “October’s Dress”

  1. One dress a month. That’s concievably doable! Looks fabulous. And I can’t see any mistakes so as far as I am concerned there aren’t any and I didn’t hear you say otherwise.


  2. Hurrah for conquering the invisible zipper! And that’s so cool that your “practice” dress turned into your real dress! That is a pretty pattern!


  3. Love it! I can’t believe you made it. I can sew a straight line but I can’t follow a pattern to save my life. If you’d said this was from Anthro, I’d have believed it. It’s super cute with those flats!


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