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The 44th Friday of 2017

A couple of days late, but what else is new, right?  I do think this is the most consistently I have posted these ‘Friday’ posts though.  It’s always better late than never, isn’t it?  How has everyone been?  Me, I finally climbed out of that hole of sickness […]

The Lucy Dress

If this one looks strangely familiar to you all, it is because it is.  It’s the second version of my last make from Serendipity Studios and it’s another Madeline dress.  I made it a bit differently this time, with that exposed zip I oh so love, and I […]

Sew Serendipity Bebe dress

Tulips and Dots

I am back with a Me-Made-Monday for you all.  So for any of you who were sad about Me-Made-May being over, here is another something in the homemade outfit post department.  I was busy this weekend; well, kind of.  I found some time to make another dress, and […]

retro style dress

I Jumped the Line

Good afternoon, blog readers and dress fans alike!  How is everyone doing today?  I couldn’t be better, I have a new dress to tell you all about today.  It has been way too long since I have had something up here resembling an outfit post, and I have […]