Spring is in the Air

Simplicity 2373

Finally, it looks like winter is behind us.  I have enjoyed a whole three days of wonderful sunshine and warmth and it doesn’t seem like the cold is coming back around anytime soon.  The rain on the other hand, I know it will be here eventually, but until it does, I am going to enjoy every warm sun ray that I can.

In the mood of spring, I made something ‘springy’.  Well, the style maybe is more spring-like than the actual fabric, but it was a spring style make, nonetheless.  What I have to show you today is from Simplicity 2373.  I chose to make it without the trim details, which at the time seemed fine by me, but now that it is done, I kind of wished that I would have put off making it until I had some thinner ribbon in my stash.

click to see more pattern reviews
click to see more pattern reviews

There was nothing hard about this dress, it was just as it said, easy chic.  I only have one complaint about the pattern, and maybe this was due to personal error, but I read and reread the instructions and still didn’t understand how I was supposed to attach the band facing as described.  I mean I knew how to do it, but by going with the directions, it got sewn on the opposite side of what it should have been.  Like I said, this may have been my mistake of not completely understanding pattern-speak, but I did make a note that this was supposed to be opposite of what was written: attach at the LEFT side instead of the called for RIGHT.  It works fine for me to have it that way instead.  Those very few stitches were my only seam ripping mistake of the entire make.  Not too bad for the first time with this dress.  I also ended up being happy with the zipper and I contemplated doing an invisible one instead of a lapped one, but changed my mind when all of my invisible zippers were the wrong size.  It is a side inserted zipper and those are always my favorite.

Simplicity 2373 for spring

As for appearance, it looks alright, but like I said I wished that I would have added the trim details.  This won’t be a problem to add at a later time, and I am going to plan on doing that as soon as I find the perfect sized lace for it.  I am not 100% in love with this dress though.  I think it would have been better to have used a different type of fabric; a better choice would have been something more flowy.  I pressed the gathered skirt stitches down and I think it helped with the overall look at the front and the back, but it needs a better drape.  I will not be making this dress again out of 100% cotton, I know that for sure.  There is a chance I will make it again though, the straps were the best I’d ever done, so that alone is worth another go.  Plus when a dress fits this well, how can you not make another one, right?

geometric printed dress

Any words of advice from any of you?  Opinions on the perfect colors for spring dresses?  Leave me a comment, I’d love the hear your thoughts.

*Fabric details: Robert Kaufman Night and Day || Pattern – Simplicity 2373

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10 Replies to “Spring is in the Air”

  1. This is the first dress I have ever tried to make. Or something not super simple for that matter. I just drove myself to a migraine trying to figure out that top band. I am going to pull it apart and sew the left together tomorrow. Thank you so much for that. Now it makes sense.


    1. Oh, no! Not the best thing to have happen with your first dress make. Hopefully stepping away from it helped. I know that top band bugged me so much cause I knew it seemed wrong, but I still did it as instructed, sure that I couldn’t know better than the pattern. But you’ve confirmed it for me, it was wrong as stated. Once you get it all sorted out though, I’m sure you will have a great dress! Glad it makes sense now. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much! I do like the way it looks without the trim. I found some to add after the fact, but after having worn it a of couple times, I do like it how it is.


  2. Such a pretty dress! Job well done! On the pattern instructions I have come to realise that pattern companies make mistakes and it isnt always the sewer. Which can be quite frustrating! I am also feeling like spring has sprung and have abandoned plaid sewing projects in favour of floral lightweight cottons. Coral and aqua are nice spring colours though and i have made a Vogue top in aqua which I love.

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    1. I have come across a couple of these types of mistakes and it is VERY frustrating. It does make me feel better when I find out it isn’t my fault. Thanks for the comment; I think floral prints are just perfect for this time of the year. The color coral has come up a couple of times, might be a nice color for me to look into getting.

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