Another Dreary Week


I am tired of this weather, everyone!  I think the last nice day was about a month ago.  The sun was out that day and it was warm.  I even did some yard work and started thinking about spring planting and weed pulling.  Then the ice came, and the cold.  After that was more ice, snow, and then the rain.  And here we are, rain rain and more rain.  The cold is gone so I guess there is at least that.  How was everybody else’s week?  Besides what it looks like outside, mine was actually pretty nice.  Today, however, may be off to a bad start, but I am hoping that it will pick up real soon.


Moving on from the weather and bad moods, I have a nice list of a few things that I was happy about this week.  Starting with that new car that made it’s way home with us last Sunday.  This is a pretty big deal for us and very, very exciting.  I only thought we were at stage two of our car shopping endeavor, as my guy had it all planned out, but when everything was going just as we wanted, we jumped to stage three and unexpectedly came home with a car.  The boy claims he new we would, and I must admit, the unexpected part was a little expected.  It just worked out so well.  Now to get rid of the car for which this was the replacement.  That may be a step by step process in itself.  Bonnie, you have served us well, but it’s time we finally part ways.


Another nine weeks is about at its end.  Today is the last day of work and then it’s spring break for a week.  I have a very busy day ahead of me to make this so.  We have plenty to do, and I also have plenty of grading.  I don’t want any of this week to carry into the next.  A full five day break is what I am looking forward to.  I ordered material and stocked up on patterns last week.  I expect some sewing time and a new dress will be in my future.  Also, if the rain will stay away, I would love to get out in the yard and start working on something out there.  Yes, I am ready to be outside also.


Part of the reason for all of today’s work, was the afternoon skating session we took advantage of yesterday.  The skating rink started a homeschool day and our little group thought we should check it out.  Everyone had a great time, and I have no injuries to report on.  I think this is going to be a regular thing for us from now on.

I am trying to think of a couple more things to make this little list of three a list of five, but I am stumped.  Well, the only other noteworthy happening, and this one is slightly bittersweet, is that my boy is now fourteen.  This happened last week, and it is just now hitting me.  He doesn’t seem any different from two weeks ago, but just knowing he is growing up, and that he’s growing up way too fast seems all the more shocking because this was the week he started going to the gym with us.  He’s super happy about this and I am too, a little bit.  Except for now, I am gonna have to step up my gym game even more because he will soon be, if he isn’t already, stronger than me.  I will keep insisting that he will always be my baby though, no matter how big he gets, or how annoyed it makes him.

And that is all I have about this week.  If things get done early enough today, I have a date at the gym.  And I am really hoping that the weather stays as predicted for Sunday, because we have a date at the lake for a family photo shoot.  Perhaps I will even have a new dress to write about come Monday.  I have high hopes.  Enjoy your weekend, readers!

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