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Dear Diary 2018: Week 16

Eleven of the first 16 weekends of 2018 have had significant rainfall.  As of early this week, my neck of the woods has gotten about 29 inches of rain, and since then, it’s rained EVEN MORE!  Good news, I guess, is we aren’t drowning yet, but I am […]

One Barn, Four Seasons

Hello, hello!  Those of you regulars to my blog may have noticed that I successfully documented that barn down the road from me in all four seasons.  I drive by that thing all the time and really like looking at it, so it only made sense that I […]

Dear Diary 2018: Week 3

Saturday, January 13: I knew we’d be home bound thanks to all that snow.  Slept in, had coffee, the usual Saturday morning stuff only with nowhere to go.  Talked my guy and the boy in to a walk to see the barn so I could take pics.  Did […]

Another Snow Day

I have cabin fever!  My regular life has been put on hold by a few too many snow days and I am ready for this white stuff to be gone.  Sure, it makes for nice photo backgrounds, but with the snow comes cold and not much getting out […]

Destination: A Barn in Winter

I already knew the day when I would take this picture.  It would just have to be the first snow day of the year.  However, the exact date had yet to be determined.  It wasn’t until Friday, January 12th that the TBD date became manifest.  January 13th would […]