One Barn, Four Seasons

Hello, hello!  Those of you regulars to my blog may have noticed that I successfully documented that barn down the road from me in all four seasons.  I drive by that thing all the time and really like looking at it, so it only made sense that I would stop to take pictures of it and post them on the blog.  In fact, I like the barn so much I even made one of the pictures into a black and white print and framed it.  I still have yet to hang it up, but it’s been framed.

Today, I have all four pictures up in one post.  I am hoping for your feedback with this one, really.  Please let me know which is your favorite.  Here they are; one barn, four seasons:





Apologies for not having all four the same size.  That smaller one was from my old WordPress theme which didn’t allow for larger pictures, so the final copy got resized accordingly.  I could redo it, but for the sake of time I was reusing what I already had uploaded on to my blog’s media library.  Also, I am wondering why those clouds in the winter pic look purple?  Things that make ya go hmmm…

So, which is your favorite?  Mine is a toss up between winter and spring.  I am leaning more towards winter though.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your feedback.