Saturday, January 13:

I knew we’d be home bound thanks to all that snow.  Slept in, had coffee, the usual Saturday morning stuff only with nowhere to go.  Talked my guy and the boy in to a walk to see the barn so I could take pics.  Did a post all about it already so no need to go into any more details about that.  This evening, they guy watched the final Titan’s game of the season.  They lost, not surprised.  I cleaned up and didn’t do much else.  A nice long, lazy Saturday.

Sunday, January 14th:

It’s still cold, very cold, and there’s plenty of snow everywhere.  We braved the back roads to see how town looked and also were running out of groceries since we’ve been cooped up inside so had to go to WalMart.  Everyone had to go to Walmart I think.  The main roads weren’t too bad, but the side roads and all parking lots were awful.  Dropped Ethan off at the gym and we did some shopping.  Came home and I took pictures in the snow.  It’s so cold out there and I think for the first time since leaving Northern New Mexico, I’ve made a conscious effort to make sure all the faucets are dripping.  Tried to download iCloud pics to the computer this evening but got frustrated with it and gave up.  I’ll do that another day.  I did spend plenty of time on the computer though, so much so that my eyes were starting to get tired and felt like they were crossing.

Monday, January 15th:

Yesterday seemed like a Monday to me so I am already feeling like it’s a day ahead.  Stephen made it to work and the boy and I started back with school work.  Our winter break is over.  I finally sewed something and ended up not liking it.  It was a pattern hack that just didn’t look right.  I tried it on and then left it in my closet to be forgotten until another day when I feel like seam ripping the skirt part from the bodice.  Eventually I will just turn it into a skirt but not today.  I squeezed in a few minutes to take a couple of pictures of another dress I need to blog about.  The sunshine was nice, but it’s still cold.  Ethan made it to work this afternoon and I made it the gym.  It was a hard class, but I definitely needed it.  Home then dinner.  We picked up Ethan from work tonight since it’s snowing again.

Tuesday, January 16th:

Snow day round two.  Stephen worked from home once again.  I am so glad he’s able to do that.  I took advantage of the time I had not having to make lunch and went back to bed for about an hour.  Once I got up, the boy got up and we started school.  We took a few breaks today to play in the snow.  It seems we got just as much as we did the other day.  This afternoon we flew the drone a couple of times but there’s a post about that too.  🙂  It was very easy to keep up with the blog this week and surprisingly the house has stayed very clean even though we’ve been home so much.  Everything has been cancelled so another day not going anywhere.

Wednesday, January 17th:

It’s been a long week.  Stephen went to work today and our roads weren’t too bad he said.  I made it out to the store cause this time we were out of cat food.  I also had to go to Walmart cause a week without at least two trips to Walmart rarely ever happens.  Not much else going on.  No work for the boy, but he did tumble.  The most exciting thing of the day had to do with the boy and his tumbling.  He submitted some videos for a competition a couple of weeks back, like a tumbling talent contest type of thing and he was one of the submissions chosen.  He’s pretty happy about that.  Here’s a link to one of his video submissions.

Thursday, January 18th:

Finally things are starting to defrost, but I’m still in hibernation mode.  I needed to grade papers and do laundry today.  I managed to get some laundry done.  I’m hoping for more of a meltdown because I want to go out to the property in the morning.  I hear it’s still pretty snowy out in the park.  We shall see.  I didn’t do a lot today and felt a little down.  Think I am getting tired of being stuck at home.

Friday, January 19th:

We made it out of the county!  Did some school this morning and paid some bills for Stephen then headed out to the property.  I was so happy with my Mini, it drove very well on all that snow that was still on the back roads.  I don’t know why I was worried.  Came back home and after finding out the boys piano class was cancelled and ended up spending the rest of the day inside.  Ethan went to the gym and I sent him with a shopping list afterwards.  I cleaned up and finished this season’s first batch of jerky while waiting on dinner.  Stephen was in charge of that this evening and brought us something good.  Uhem, I am just going to pretend the pizza was low-carb.  (Still working on that diet, by the way.)

Saturday, January 20th:

Finally out for a Saturday and got to see all of our friends at Bible study, except for those few who are still out sick.  The sun was shining, the snow is melting, and the high was close to 60.  It was a happy day!

I am most definitely in a picture taking mood lately, and I am once again trying to take a picture a day, only this time with my camera rather than my phone.  I debated whether I would do a monthly round up of daily pics, but decided it’d be best to post my pics of the day with my weekly diary recap.  Hope you all don’t find my random photos to be too much.  I kind of like the random, candid pics the most.  But I must say, I just reminded myself that I wanted to do this half way through this week so I am already missing a few days and even borrowed one from the boy.  I’ll be on top of it from here on out.

That was my week.  How was yours?

2 Replies to “Dear Diary 2018: Week 3”

  1. Love your blog. I really enjoy seeing your new dresses and hope your Etsy endeavor is working. The pictures are great. I recognize the cardinal but not the Thursday bird. Do you know what it is?


    1. I really don’t know what that bird is. I see a lot of them around though. I’m being patient with Etsy and hoping for the best. Thanks for being one of my regular readers. 🙂


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