Finally an Outfit Post

It has been a few weeks since I have had any outfit posts up on the blog.  The weather has not been cooperating.  It has been rainy, cold, rainy and cold, and well, just blah!  The weather has been blah!  It has been a while since the sun has shone for four days in a row, and since last Friday I have been enjoying every minute of it!

So here I have an outfit post with a little something extra thrown in for you all today.  I am going to give my very own review of these nice, bright yellow leggings just to be different.  (Apologies to my readers who really could care less about yellow, stretchy, pant-like clothing.)

About a month ago, I had an offer from Izzara Boutique in my Facebook feed for a free pair of leggings – free minus the shipping cost.  Okay, $7- ish isn’t a bad price for a good pair of leggings.  I thought, why not?  I ordered them and had a choice between colors – now I don’t remember what the choices were – but since I am transitioning to a brighter wardrobe, remember, I picked yellow, and yellow they are!

Running the risk of looking slightly like a bumble bee, I paired the leggings with black.  At least half of my outfit was bright!  With this pair, I have three, true pairs of leggings.  (I am not including my gym / ballet attire in the legging category.)

As far as leggings go, these are comfortable.  I like the brightness and the feel of the material, plus they are thick, great for slightly cooler days than today.  My only complaint would be that they are one size fits all.  So, shortly after putting them on, they got a bit loose around the knees.  Not so much that it is bothersome, but that would have to be my only complaint.  And even though they are one size, the waist is very comfortable.  Not the slightest bit too loose there.  I was also very happy with the length.  I have one pair that are too long, another pair that are too short, but these are just right!

Overall, not bad for the price – they were technically free, and even if they weren’t, I would have paid the actual $16.99 for them.  They are a great, sturdy pair of leggings!

Now, suggestions on what colors to wear with yellow, other than black…



Photo-bombed by Yuki, again!

| Dress – Atmoshphere || Leggings – Izzara Boutique || Shoes – No Call || Necklace – handmade |

**These leggings were from a Facebook promotion that was available to all subscribers.  All opinions are my own, and I did this review by my own choice.