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Blogging Update…

Hello, readers!  How is this Wednesday treating you?  I’m gonna start this post off with a confession: it’s after noon, I am still in pajamas, and the only thing I have really done all day is sit in front of the computer.  I currently have 1,200 FitBit steps […]

Finally, A New Theme

I haven’t been through many themes here on WordPress.  When I find one that I like, I usually stick with it for a really long time.  Not that I don’t look for others to try, I have been hunting for a new one for a while now, I […]

It’s Time for a Makeover

I have been back and forth with making the switch to a self-hosted site for about a year now, if not more.  I would like to spread my blogging wings, so to say, and with some things this is not completely possible without being self-hosted.  There are plenty […]

The 300th Post

It is a blogging milestone, everyone, my 300th post and just a bit over three years!  I had always wanted to blog, and I am very happy to have kept up with it this long.  For a little bit of a flashback this Friday, here is my very […]

Trends // Black and White

Have I mentioned I like the color combination of black and white?  Oh, I have, and perhaps a few times too many.  Well, I am going to mention it again, I love black and white, especially when paired together.  The classic color block, although, some may disagree to […]

Bee Balm // Product Review

First off, I am not that much of a regular beauty blogger, I know this.  But, that is not gonna stop me from pretending being one today and writing about this new salve I have recently come across that I just love.  I have tried this product review […]