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I haven’t been through many themes here on WordPress.  When I find one that I like, I usually stick with it for a really long time.  Not that I don’t look for others to try, I have been hunting for a new one for a while now, I just can never seem to find anything that makes me completely happy.  But this week, I have finally found one that I really like.

I have wanted a magazine style front page display, and I have been playing around with featured images, so when I came across the Canard theme, which had both of these things, I was a little smitten.  It even has the color scheme that I like and the featured images display just how I want them to.  I figured it was another lost cause for me though, because I was sure once I made my header to fit the specs, it was gonna be blurry, and I would have to resort back to one of the only two that I have ever really liked.  You see, I have been back and forth between a couple the last few months but just couldn’t get the little details to display how I would like, specifically my header.  For some reason WordPress scales the image on some templates and that makes everything look blurred.  It drives me crazy!

Not so with this one.  I used the header that I was already using, and surprise surprise, it looked great.  That was all I needed to make the switch.  I am very happy about this, maybe too happy since I am writing a blog post all about my new theme.  But, oh well.

Not everything about this theme is how I would like it to be though, but sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.  It would be nice if the main column width was a little bigger; I like my pictures to be wider on the screen, and I am used to having the pages be full width.  I didn’t exactly understand the specs with this, because on the theme details it said page width is bigger than it seems to be displaying.  I probably need to mess around with a few things still, but for now, I am one happy WordPress blogger.

And that is how I have been spending my free time the last few days, messing with the blog and getting everything all set up.  It is one of the the things that I like so much about blogging.  It’s not all just always about writing posts.  I get to learn things as well.

Now, for this week… There will be a little less blog time and a lot more outside time for me.  It’s supposed to be pretty close to 100 where I will be; a hot one for sure!  Have a great Monday, everyone!

2 Replies to “Finally, A New Theme”

  1. I love the new look! The extra-wide header image at the top of each post is especially lovely. It’s such a nice feeling to be content with the visual display of your creative work. 🙂 Congrats!

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    1. Yes, that feeling of contentment is a wonderful feeling when it comes to how your blog looks! I am happy to hear that you like it. The header image is one of my favorite features. Thanks!


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