Simplicity 2215

It’s just a skirt that has been hanging in my closet waiting to be worn for a little over a year now.  Specifically, since last March.  So why even bother to keep it if it isn’t getting worn? someone might be asking themselves – I know I asked myself this same question.  Well, I made it, and me-mades tend to stick around a little longer than other items in my closet.  I tell myself that I have to at least wear it a time or two before deciding if it is me or not.  The only problem with this skirt was that I made it, it fit fine, then a couple of months later, I couldn’t zip it up all of the way.

I will admit that it was a little on the snug side to begin with.  I had never made anything from this pattern before, and since it was a Simplicity, I figured my regular size would be just fine.  I had worries from the start.  For some reason, the size 10 on this pattern was noticeably smaller than any of the other Simplicity size 10s that I had made before.  The fact that it is a high-waisted skirt didn’t make the fit of it any better either.

simplicity 2215 skirt

The pattern I am talking about is a Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity, 2215.  I am glad I started with the skirt and not the whole dress, which was why I bought the pattern.  I am mostly only interested in dresses.  The skirt was just an added bonus.  I am also glad that I got this little make out of the way, because I have a couple other Cynthia Rowley patterns that might just need a little more caution as far as the sizing goes.  I am only assuming that the same designer would use similar sizing.

high-waist skirt

Anyway, it is just a skirt, but a pretty, brightly colored skirt; and I am very glad that I finally got the chance to wear it.  I’ve lost a few inches in the last couple of months, and I actually found a shirt that wasn’t black to wear with it.  Definitely cause for some celebrating.  This was what I wore out to dinner on Sunday. (Note: this dinner date was not just because I finally got to wear my neglected skirt.  But that would have been a good enough excuse for me though.)

The skirt held up well, although I did have to come home after dinner with the zipper about half an inch lower.  And then once we got home, Yuki jumped on me and snagged the bottom with her recently trimmed nail.  That was a bit of a bummer, but I am the only one who will probably notice the snag.  This skirt will still be worn again.

*Linking up with:  High Latitude Style’s Top of the World Style.

8 Replies to “It’s Just a Skirt”

  1. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Great job on the skirt! You are wearing the kind of shoes I used to wear each summer when I was in college. After the breakdown of the Eastern World I could not find them anywhere anymore. Where did you find them?


    1. I always enjoy browsing through link-ups, so I am happy you are doing this now. Thanks for hosting! Unfortunately, I cannot tell you where these shoes were from. A friend found them at a yard sale years ago and gave them to me. I have had luck finding this style though at Cost Plus World Market and other import type stores. I hope you will be able to come across a pair sooner than later. They are great as a simple, yet stylish, pair of shoes, I think. 🙂

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