Good morning, internet world!  How is life for you all today?  Instead of going back to bed to enjoy my coffee in front of the iPad after my guy headed out the door this morning, I decided to drink it in front of the computer and check in on the blog instead.  So, what have you all missed out on…


Not entirely too much, actually.  In fact the last week of my life was pretty laid back.  I spent a lot of time close to home and while here, I have been picking blueberries, and making some progress with organizing, some progress.  I kind of thought I would have been further along with the decluttering that I wanted to get done this summer, but I am lacking some motivation to really get going full out with it.  It will get there when it does, I suppose.


My guy had some days off last week: one just because, one because of the 4th, and another due to what we believed to be food poisoning, so he has had some time to do a little home organizing himself – specifically, on the computer.  We finally did a little bit of upgrading.  This is really the first day in several that I am even touching the computer, so I still need to install some things that I use on a regular basis, such as my Photoshop presets, and anything else that I am noticing I can’t find on here this morning.  One neat perk of all this computer updating and my computer guy husband, is the pseudo command center he set up.  He works in front of a computer all day, and two even three screens is a normal thing for him, so since we had an extra screen in the house, I am getting a little taste of his view.  I feel kind of important actually with TWO computer screens in front of me!


The only other thing I can say that has been going on that isn’t a normal, everyday occurrence is flying a drone.  It’s my dad’s drone, but we get to play with it some here and there, and I have finally had my chance to mess around with it.  Let me say it is a pretty neat toy!  Yuki, on the other hand isn’t too sure she likes it though.  I think she sees it as a complete violation of her backyard privacy, and she is hoping if she barks at it long enough, it will fly away and not come back.  At least, I think that is what those barks are saying.  It is pretty funny to watch her reaction to it.  She does kind of see it a little differently once it comes inside the house and powers down.  Ah, dogs and drones, two pretty entertaining things to have around.


Well, that is all from me.  I hear the boy stirring in his room and I need to go and remind him that we have MORE blueberries to go and check on this morning.  I am hoping I will end up with enough for some more wine.

2 Replies to “Wednesday Morning Coffee”

  1. My husband recently set our computer up with 2 screens. It’s changed my life! There’s all sorts of tasks that I have to do for work that are far easier with 2 screens, side by side and it gives me a good excuse to ‘work’ from home at least once a week!


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