A Dress That I Didn’t Make But Should

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maxi dress style 3

I can’t remember the last time that I bought myself a dress.  Before this little purchase, it had been at least close to half of a year, if my memory serves me right.  In fact, I don’t even look much at dresses these days, at least not in person anyway.  Lately, most of the dresses I lovingly gaze upon show up in my Pinterest feed, or on other blogger’s sites. (Okay, when I say other blogger’s, I am really just taking about Amber.  All of the dresses she wears are pretty much the prettiest dresses I have ever seen.)

maxi dress style

Anyway, about this dress, it’s not really my regular style.  And, it is one that I did not make.  But, that doesn’t mean I didn’t get all inspired about making my own just like it once I bought it.

How much easier can it get than to buy a spaghetti strapped tank top – Oh, wait! I already have one.  Find some lovely chiffon to match this already owned tank top – What’s that? I hear myself say.  I already have plenty of chiffon stashed away in my sewing trunk to match this rarely worn tank top?  Yes, easy indeed, especially since finding the fabric is sometimes the hardest part for me.

maxi dress style 1

Now to make it, I would just have to cut a couple of long rectangles for the skirt, do a little bit of gathering, a little bit of sewing, then cut the tank top to the desired waist length, and sew the two together.  Voila!  A new dress – no head scratching needed – exactly like the one I am wearing, only in a different color way.

Some say a maxi dress is the perfect summer style…  Now, if only I could get with that mind set, and get over feeling uncomfortable wearing spaghetti strapped tops.  I guess I will just have to make one and see how it ends up.

Details:  Dress – Rue 21 || Shoes – Doc Martens || Necklace – The Gap

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