This Week I…

This week I cut my bangs too short.  Have you ever done this?  It is very annoying, and I haven’t made this mistake in quite a long time.  The weather is not making it any better because it has been so hot and humid that the second I walk out the door, I can feel my hair curling up and sticking to my forehead making it seem even worse.  Sorry, no pictures of this.

This week I got tired of cooking dinner, and instead of a home-cooked meal Wednesday night, we went to the local restaurant and had something out.  Usually our out to dinner days happen on the weekend, but I just couldn’t wait.  And again, no pictures.  I don’t take very good food photos.


This week I finally started my part of the baby quilt that my friends and I are all making.  It has probably been a couple of months since I have even seen the blanket, but I am happy to say that I am half way done with my portion of it.

This week I made it to the gym every single day and I’ve been sore every single day after.  I had to miss a couple times last week because of traveling and unexpected trips to nearby cities, but I more than made up for it this week.  (Not a single gym selfie for this one either.)


This week I got to see a real live drone.  In fact it showed up at my front door from Amazon.  My guy and the boy are still figuring it out.  I asked them if I could use it to take aerial outfit photos for my blog.  The boy laughed.


This week I moved on to stage two of my most recent batch of wine.  Also in the wine department, I added 29 more bottles to my wine closet and had to do a little bit of rearranging.  My wine racks are finally getting filled up.


This week I started this year’s blueberry harvest.  Finally those delicious little berries are ready to be picked.  I didn’t keep track of how much I ended up with last year, but I’m sure I will have as much as or even more than I did.  Possibly enough for more wine…

This week I am about as tired as I was last week.  I am ready to call it a day, and I’m sure an early night is in my future.  That being said, have a great weekend, everyone!


1 thought on “This Week I…

  1. Yep, I did. It happens when the hair is wet. Mine is about an inch shorter when it is dry than when it is wet

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