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Dear Diary 2019: Two Weekends of Fun

Another week, another story to tell over here.  There was a lot of downtime, I guess you could say, since you last heard from me.  My day to day has been consumed by grading papers, shuffling through grade sheets, and working on computer spread sheets for school.  Then […]

Dear Diary 2018: Week 21

The first week of summer break for us, and I started it off feeling lousy. Sunday, May 20th: We had to bottle wine.  I wan’t feeling so bad, just stuffy enough that it was annoying.  A head cold I’m pretty sure is what I had.  I was stuffy […]

Dear Diary 2018: Week 18

This last week revolved a lot around school.  It was the last week meeting with our school group for the year and just about the last week for my English classes.  I had lots of papers to collect and some final work to go over.  I’m not done […]

Dear Diary 2018: Week 11

I did a little more this week than just spending time over here working on the aesthetics of the blog.  It was spring break, and I did just what I wanted to.  Well, almost. There were two things I had planned to do this week.  1.) Go to […]