Dear Diary 2019: Two Weekends of Fun

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Another week, another story to tell over here.  There was a lot of downtime, I guess you could say, since you last heard from me.  My day to day has been consumed by grading papers, shuffling through grade sheets, and working on computer spread sheets for school.  Then when I wasn’t doing that I was trying to hide, ahem put things away and tidy up the house.  I can’t get enough time to completely go through closets and cabinets so for the mean time, it’s kind of like an organized mess over here.

I’m keeping up with the gym and working on the diet, both never ending sagas, but I think things are progressing.  Last week was a great week for me with both those things.  Also last week, I started spraying the vineyard with neem, and we shall see if doing a dormant spray will make much of a difference this year.  There was a noticeable difference in the health of the vines last year by spraying more than the year before.  This year’s growing season will be upon us soon enough so I’ll know in no time.

Now for the fun of the last week or so.  Not one, but two Sundays out doing fun things.  And two Sundays wearing my newest store-bought dress.

About once every five years I find a dress at Walmart that I can’t walk away from.  This was one such find and I am happy to have it.

Last Sunday the three of us went out to Jackson for some family fun.  The boy’s schedule has been very busy on Sundays for the last couple of months, so when he had the day off we took advantage of it.  Started this weekend off sitting in the sun on the back deck.

Then this Sunday, the boy was also off, but wasn’t interested in what we wanted to do.  He stayed behind and had his own afternoon of fun, flipping and working out, while my guy and I headed east.  Nashville bound on another rainy day – it always seems to rain when we go to Nashville these days.  Instead of the seasonal beer garden at the Cheekwood botanical gardens (we’ve been trying to go to this since last spring, but something always came up), we ended up downtown eating lunch and riding scooters.  It was great!  It rained most the drive there, then rain started again right when we got into the restaurant, but quit once we were done eating, so we were able to walk around, like everyone else.

We saw these scooters first in Memphis last December, and then again last month when we were downtown Nashville.  We had plenty of time to spare this day and were only there for fun, so we downloaded the apps and off we went.  We stuck to riding them along the river where there were less people.  Bonus views with the cherry blossoms in bloom everywhere and it was quite scenic.  We ended our test drives and decided to walk the rest of the way amongst the crowds of people.  Downtown Nashville was very busy!  I am guessing all the people are probably a regular Sunday thing, and even in the rain.

We finished the day out with a little bit of shopping and came home happy and refreshed from the fun weekend out.  ❤  And here are a couple of low-quality vid clips from trying out the scooters.  Have a great day, everyone!


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