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Dear Diary 2019: Two Weekends of Fun

Another week, another story to tell over here.  There was a lot of downtime, I guess you could say, since you last heard from me.  My day to day has been consumed by grading papers, shuffling through grade sheets, and working on computer spread sheets for school.  Then […]

Sunday and Football

A nice thing about living in a state that has a national football team, is that every once in a while we get to catch a game.  Every once in a while, for us, has been three times, and this last weekend was our third. I found some […]

Downtown Memphis by Trolley

I love public transportation, really, I do.  Maybe because I drive so much is why I think that this method of travel is something I would want to do always.  Or maybe it is because I don’t always travel this way, and what you can’t have you want […]