Sunday and Football

Titans vs Cardinals

Titans bottom level

View of field

The Boys at the Game

A nice thing about living in a state that has a national football team, is that every once in a while we get to catch a game.  Every once in a while, for us, has been three times, and this last weekend was our third.

I found some tickets on ebay a few months back and of course then, I had no idea what the weather would be like, but since it was for a December game, I figured it would be cold.  Luckily, the weather changed from its original forecast of rain to just cloudy and a high of 34 degrees.  We brought the boy’s cousin along and since everyone but me has spent plenty of time shivering in hunting stands this season, no one was really bothered by the cold.  I guess it was just I that was unaccustomed to sitting out on a Sunday afternoon.  Really, it wasn’t that bad; I even brought toe warmers, but unfortunately, I bought an off brand and never did notice them warm up.

We arrived early, as we usually do, and I couldn’t figure out why not many others were early.  It was only an hour before the game started so this was very strange to me.  After waiting and watching the local officers go though their pre-game protocol, we started to wonder.  It was now thirty minutes before game time, and nobody really was around.  Turns out, the game was postponed due to network broadcasting issues, and we had more time to wait.  Not a problem, it was lunchtime, we were hungry, and just a short walk away was downtown.  Nashville has some great restaurants so we didn’t mind killing time with lunch, drinks, AND dessert!



Three o’clock came, and we were ready for football.  It was a lot of fun, and even though it was cold, nobody complained.   We found something warm to drink, and the game ended up being a very exciting one.  The boy is still talking about it days later.  It was a close one against the Cardinals, but the Titans lost in overtime, bummer.  The first loss that we have been to, but since we live in a state with an NFL team, there is a good chance that we will be at another game in the future.  Only next time, we will check on game time before we leave the house and I will wear a warmer pair of shoes – maybe.  (I always tell myself this.)  Also, note to self, learn more about what is going on during a football game. 😉

LP Nashville skyline

Any football fans?  Who is your favorite team? 

2 Replies to “Sunday and Football”

  1. I’ve only been to one NFL game before and even tho I’m not a huge football fan, I really enjoyed myself. I like the Texans, tho this year has been pretty tragic.

    Meanwhile I have a post coming up today in my blog and the skirt reminds me of you. Just sayin. 🙂


    1. I am with you, not a big fan, but even so, it was lots of fun! My team of the year is usually the one that wins the super bowl, ha ha!
      And, I am sure I am gonna love that skirt, I am headed over to your blog now… 😉


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