This Matches Everything!

a modern retro dress

Sew Serendipity Monique dress

geometric printed dress

Green sweater?  Absolutely.  Yellow tights?  You got it.  An orange undershirt?  Sure, why not.  This is the most versatile dress that I own, and I am absolutely in love with the pattern.  Obviously, one could argue that a basic black dress would be just as versatile as this, and you would be right, but since it’s my newest make, I just wanna be able to say that I can wear it with everything! – and I probably will.  I can’t wait for winter so that I can make it cold-weather appropriate.

I couldn’t wait until next Monday to get this post up, so here you all go, a nice mid-week, Me-Made blog post.

Recently, I seem to be making my favorite patterns in threes.  Now with this dress completed, I can say the same thing about the Monique pattern that I got from Sew Serendipity.  This is my third one, and with this version, I think I got any issues that I may have had with it out of the way.  Specifically, the fit at the front of the arm.  I don’t remember if I disclosed it at the time, it seemed very insignificant, but my last few versions were just a bit snug in this particular area.  I even went as far as to trace out another bodice this time around, adding a little more room to move.  Right before cutting into the fabric, however, I changed my mind and went with the original cut.  This material was not something I wanted to experiment with.  What I did do, was pay very good attention to which side of the arm facing I was sewing onto the dress.  I marked a big F on the front and a big B on the back.  The last two makes, I was pretty sure I had them mixed up, and at the time I didn’t think it would make any difference.  I am now going to say it did make a difference, because this time, following all the same directions, it came out fitting perfectly in this area.

effervescent print

I also went ahead and made the dress in the called for order with the exception of the zipper.  I did that next to last and only because I did not have the right sized zipper when it was time to put it in.  Initially, I was kind of worried about how the waist band would line up by making the full front first, then the full back, and lastly joining the two; but it worked out alright, and I even got the bottom border matched up just fine, which made me so happy!

One more thing I want to show you all about the dress, the middle band.  It is more than a plain black strip.  It also has little circles all over it, only they are much less standout-ish than the rest.  (Another piece from my quilt scraps, and I have a lot of them so I am happy to be putting them to good use.)

bubble fabric

Details:  Pattern was from Sew Serendipity and the material was this from  There were several color options to choose from, but I went with ‘primary.’

What do you think?  Is this the worst print ever for a dress?  Too busy?  Or are you with me in thinking that the busyness of it makes it all the more unique?  And because of all the bubbly madness, I am calling this the Effervescent Dress.  It’s perfect, right?  🙂

You can find the other two dresses that I have made from this pattern here and here.

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