Rejoice for Wonderful Weekends


A good Monday morning to you all!  How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was pretty wonderful except for that middle of the night wake up to a beeping alarm.  No, the house wasn’t on fire, just a low battery and a very loud, annoying beep.  Rummaging through the drawers at 3:30 in the A.M. for some spare batteries was a bit of a pain, and even worse, not finding any batteries to make the beeps go away!  Only after groggily unplugging not one, but three smoke alarms, did we realize it was just the carbon monoxide detector that was low, and the solution to that was simply to unplug it.  Had it not been three in the morning, we may have figured it out sooner.  So, besides that, everything about this weekend was wonderful.

A friend of ours is in town for the week and that was excuse enough to throw some food in the oven and have a feast.  I was not the one cooking – good thing, cause what I would have made would not have been near as good as what all of my friends came up with – but I definitely took part in the eating.  These two things, cooking and eating, are what my group of friends do best when company is around.  As always, there is never a shortage of food when we get together.

I also found some time to make a dress over the weekend.  I had been waiting on fabric so that I could start something new, and the UPS man showed up on Thursday with some goodies for me from  Sewing, or more specifically dressmaking, is such a great stress reliever for me lately.  I am getting good enough to not make as many silly mistakes, and what I am making is getting regular rotation in my everyday wear.  I am of the opinion that a girl can never have too many dresses.  Unless she runs out of closet space…  And in my case, my extra closet is filled with wine making equipment.  I might have to modify that statement a bit, a girl can only have as many dresses as her closet will let her have.

I was thinking about dressmaking the other day, and it is kind of like my new hobby of making wine.  It is by all means much easier to go out and buy the thing new, already made and ready to wear/drink, but then where is the fun in that?  A little bit of work makes the end product that much more enjoyable.  I am happy to keep spending some of my free time making dresses and making wine.  And speaking of wine making, I am getting nice and stocked up with grapes.  I hope I can find a good recipe before the winter is over.  The only problem is that it takes about two months to know whether the tried recipe was any good or not.  I am thinking to go with a variety of recipes and take lots of notes.

That’s about all I have to say for now.  I am excited for the week ahead.  I got some new exercise shoes this weekend, and I can’t wait to try them out in my gym class this evening.  Plus, there are a few fun things planned that I am looking forward to.  I know I said I was gonna try and post my sewing projects on Mondays when I have them, but no pictures yet means it will have to wait until next Monday, or I could squeeze the post in one day this week…

Until the next time, with whatever post I may have, enjoy your Monday.

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