The Thursday Thrift // Jeans

the perfect pair of jeans

Let me tell you, the first Thursday of the month sure seems to always be here before I even realize it, and this one is no different.  So, what am I wearing today?

Sometimes, I wear jeans.  And sometimes, I don’t think jeans are blog worthy.  Actually, I never think jeans are blog worthy, but today it’s what I’m wearing and they just so happen to be of the hand-me-down sort.  Not thrifted exactly, but a good ole hand-me-down counts as such over here.

There is really nothing special to say about these – they are just jeans after all.  They’re what I wear when I don’t feel like wearing anything else.  Remember all that laundry I said I didn’t have to do last Friday?  Well, it caught up to me, and I was running short on everything so it took me no time at all to pick out the first thing I found – which happened to be my most casual outfit lately.  I’m not too crazy about the fit of these jeans, they are a little baggy, but they do just fine for what they are – just a pair of jeans.

Speaking of which, are jeans not the hardest item of clothing to shop for?  Or is it just me who feels this way?  I have searched and searched for a pair to love, and it hasn’t happened in a long while.  I once bought a pair from the Gap, for $50, and they were the closest pair to perfect that I had ever found.  I never wanted to wear them.  Make sense?  I knew if I wore them, they would get worn and it would be a long time before I found another pair to take their place (and $50 was a little steep in my opinion for a pair of pants).  I know with some things, you get what you pay for, and maybe jeans fit that category, I don’t know for sure though, I am still looking.

I still have them, and evidently they got worn plenty because they have a few unfortunate holes, and now I can’t wear them even if I wanted to.  Having a pretty close to perfect pair of jeans sure was nice while it lasted.  I hope to one day find another pair.  For now, these will do just fine.

shopping for jeans

outfit details:  shirt – No Boundaries || Jeans – So || Shoes – Doc Martens

Have you found the perfect pair of jeans?  Any particular brands that you are fond of?  Give me some suggestions, I’ll need a new pair soon.

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