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But First Let Me Take a Screenshot…

I screenshot more than I selfie.  Anyone else have this problem?  Wait, probably not a real problem.  But really, some people take way too many selfies; me, I take way too many screenshots.  I can’t help it.  Also, that selfie camera is awful!  I never look good when […]

Up on the Roof

Hi there!  Here we are, another new week in another new month.  How was everybody’s weekend?  Mine was just wonderful!  And even more than the weekend, I had a pretty great week last week.  Remember when I said that I would greatly look forward to the next time […]

Black, in the Summer?

Every so often, okay all the time, I have these what to wear moments.  It usually goes like this: I have something planned out, ironed, and ready to go, then end up with a completely different mindset and decide that my original intention just won’t work.  I’m pretty […]

shopping for jeans

The Thursday Thrift // Jeans

Let me tell you, the first Thursday of the month sure seems to always be here before I even realize it, and this one is no different.  So, what am I wearing today? Sometimes, I wear jeans.  And sometimes, I don’t think jeans are blog worthy.  Actually, I […]

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A Case for Cropped Pants

I know they are only pants, but cropped pants specifically.  I am not too sure how I feel about cropped pants, on myself that is. They are comfortable, a slight step up from shorts, and they just say summertime casual, however, they are still cropped pants!  I have […]