The Top Ten Wearable Fashion Trends for Spring

Wearable Fashion for Spring 2014


It is that time again, another season is upon us so time to start making the transition from our winter wardrobes to spring style.  I did a little peek into fall fashion way back when winter hadn’t even shown up yet, and since the calendar clearly states that it is in fact now spring, I thought I would take a little peek into this season’s fashion line up.

Here it is, the Top Ten Most Wearable Spring Trends as seen on the fashion runways and style magazines – for those of you who wanna stay up to date with this kind of thing.  I also like to know if any of the current trends will fit with my style, and it sometimes helps to give my fashionable-self a little push out of my normal outfit comfort zone once in a while.

In no particular order, here they are:

1.  Pretty Pastels – I knew this one was coming since the end of last summer, and I can’t say I did anything about it.  I still predominately have dark colors in my closet, and only maybe a few things I would consider pretty AND pastel.  I have never been a fan, really.  This would definitely be a step in a different direction for me, fashion wise, but I am willing to take it.

2.  Boxy Cropped Jackets – How does this trend do anything for style?  Just the word boxy when it comes to clothes gives me a bad image, and in a jacket, sounds very unflattering!  I don’t think I will be keeping up with this trend this season.

3.  Contrast Color Button Downs – There is potential here for me.  I really like a nice fitted button down shirt, I might even have one, and I really love a great looking collar.  Add a little contrast and I think I might be able to do something with this.

4.  Wide Leg Trousers – I already have several of these pants stacked on my shelf that I thought were no longer in style.  I am happy that I was wrong about that.  I really like wide legged trousers.

5.  Cool Bomber Jackets – I have always been a fan of this style of jacket.  I remember my first bomber style leather jacket and the day I got it oh so well.  Unfortunately, I don’t have it anymore – I was in sixth grade.  (However, even if I still had it and wore it, I don’t think I would tell anyone my jacket came from my middle school days.)  Another all time favorite of mine that I have since let pass away, a good looking flight jacket.  I am happy to be seeing these show up in my local mall.  Although, spring in Tennessee, real spring, isn’t usually jacket weather in my experience, but oh well.  One can’t have too many jackets, can they?

6.  Tea-Length Skirts – Yes, another style I am totally down with.  I have lately taken a very big liking to tea-length skirts and dresses.  After February’s dress, I did end up searching ebay for the perfect tea-length petticoat.  I definitely need more of this style in my wardrobe!

7.  Sweaters – I like the idea of sweaters, and the look of them very much, but mostly they have long sleeves, and I don’t like long sleeves.  But, I am learning to knit, so there is bound to be a sweater in my future just because it is a knitting staple, right!?  I will learn to like them on me.  Or, maybe removable, button-style sweaters will do.

8.  Athletic/Tuxedo Strip Style Trousers – No, not for me!  I have this unsaid rule that I will not wear athletic pants in public, so if they look sporty, you won’t find them on me.  The tuxedo stripe on the other hand, I might consider wearing a pair with that feature just as long as they have no resemblance to track pants.

9.  The Shift Blouse – The description said it was like a dressier t-shirt, what I saw was a big square-like shirt that didn’t appeal to me one bit.  Although, if done right, maybe in some flowy-fabric, I think I would try this style.  I even have a few patterns to make shirts like this and they seem very easy.

10.  Collarless Coats – My least favorite of the whole list!  I understand that bomber style jackets don’t really have much of a collar, not one that folds down anyway, but there is at least a band giving the jacket a little bit of a collared look.  A coat with no collar at all is just awful looking in my opinion.  I have not found one that I like yet, and I won’t be coat shopping this season if the jackets I see don’t have some kind of a collar.  I would rather have a long sweater if that’s the case.

What styles are you looking forward to this season?  Any that you will be passing by?  Pastels are gonna be my most searched for, especially since I am still needing a color shift in my current wardrobe.

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6 Replies to “The Top Ten Wearable Fashion Trends for Spring”

    1. I think a pretty pastel dress will be a great find for the season. I have my eyes on a few online…
      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comment.


  1. I really want to like pastels because I’m such a “color” person, but I just… can’t. At least not on me. So I’ll have to admire other people’s pastels from afar. Oddly enough, I’m a bit intrigued by the boxy cropped jackets! If cropped enough (and with a tight-fitting top underneath), it seems like it could highlight a small-ish waist. Or maybe it’ll just look ‘boxy,’ as you say! Will have to play with that one… 🙂


    1. I might be in the same pastel boat as you. I really wanna like them, but it just doesn’t seem ‘me’. Some people really do wear pastels well though, maybe I will end up being one of them by the time the season is over. 😉


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