Just Because the Trees are Blooming Doesn’t Mean It’s Warm Outside

Spring Flowers

It has almost been a whole week and not one blog post from me.  In fact, I have hardly even sat down in front of my computer this week except only to deal with photos.  I am attempting to back up all 49,000 plus photos that I have somehow accumulated, and I have also been spending some time doing a little wedding photo editing.  Really, I could probably spend all day messing around with pictures, but there are other things to be done than that in my life.

I think March is just a very busy month for me.  I remember this time last year and it was kind of similar.   There’s end of the school year planning, outside spring stuff – although it has hardly been spring.  (In fact there were some snow flurries yesterday and this cold just won’t completely make its way out of here.)  Also, I have been feeling a bit blah this week.  It started with allergies, I think, and made its way to settle into my chest.  So I have been wearing myself down coughing these last few days and spending my free time resting instead of doing anything fun, like blogging and sewing.  So basically that is what I have been up to: looking at photos, teaching school, and coughing A LOT.  And maybe there have been a few naps here and there.  Not really blog worthy, huh?

I have been making progress with shoe saves though.  In fact, three in the last week, but I only have photos of two, so I shouldn’t end this post before getting them documented and out of the way.  I have a feeling since this cold weather seems to be lingering around that I may end up getting the last of my boots worn and saved before the rest of this week is over.

Shoe Save 20 - Old Navy || Dress - made by me
Shoe Save 20 – Old Navy || Dress – made by me

I know it doesn’t really look cold in these photos and it wasn’t.  Spring can’t make up its mind on when to stay around for good.

Bichon on a walk
Shoe Save 21 – Doc Martens that are just about only suitable for dog walking. (I can’t bring myself to part with them yet.)

Well that is it from me for now.  If I write about any of the other things going on in my life it might make me sound like I am complaining, and as far as this blog goes, I only wanna complain about the weather. 😉

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