The Second Busiest Week of the Year

H&M shirt

I thought last week was a busy one, well this week is turning out to be just as much.  I have been traveling a lot more than usual and schooling the boy is just never-ending lately.  Plus all of those papers to grade and sort though.  Let me not even get started on what I am not doing around the house.  The list goes on and on, but before I bore you all with the details of my life lately, how about boring you taking a minute for an outfit of the week post in the form of this week’s Thursday Thrift.

I feel a bit lackluster in my choice of outfit for this week, I apologize.  And getting a decent photo was a hard task.  A bad hair day, perhaps?  But nevertheless, something I have wanted to wear for a while now, and it was a last minute choice, this shirt.  My most recent Goodwill find which I bought last November – come to think of it, the last time I went thrift shopping.  It had a few stand out qualities when I saw it, the collar being the most prominent and the fact that it is from H&M, one of my most recent favorite stores.  I think I overlooked the overall boxy-ness of the shirt though, because once I got it home, I didn’t find it very flattering, so half buttoned, over-shirt it is!

Black H&M shirt

I may not be keeping this one around, but it worked alright for today, and I didn’t break the bank to buy it.  Fashion blogger problems, right?  

Shirt – H&M (thrifted) || Dress – Old Navy || Leggings – Express || Boots – Simple || Necklace – made by me

*Linking up with Simple Sequins, and Passion for Fashion Friday.

One Reply to “The Second Busiest Week of the Year”

  1. Oh I am finally here. Long weekend with my recuperation state, that I am really digging. Glad I have that portion of my treatment behind me! Fashion item Friday from Simple Sequins {my blog} appreciates your thrifting examples, that for sure.


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