When’s the Next Party?

Party table

Wedding I-spy

wedding cake



It was an exhausting weekend for me, as it was probably more so for others that I know.  Not one but two wedding celebrations took place, and this past weekend was all about that.  There was food, dancing, desserts, suits, beautiful dresses, plenty of laughter and smiling faces; an all around wonderful time!

My meager part in this whole celebration was to come up with a silly photo booth and an I-spy wedding game.  Thanks to Pinterest, I didn’t have to brainstorm on my own.  I felt somewhat inadequate to come up with a photo back drop though, but with a little improvising, some friendly ideas, and many sheer curtains later, a much cheesier version of what I had in mind was in place.  In the end it all worked out just fine, and the photo props were a big hit.

As for the I-spy game, it wasn’t too hard to spy out what was on the list.  Without trying, I almost ended up with all of them.

I can’t wait for the next party!

party collageAnd I even got a pair of shoes saved. (Nina brand, shoe save 19.)

*Linking up with Shoeperwoman for this week’s shoe save.