Iced In

After last Sunday, the weather, and a few other minor occurrences, the week ended up being a pretty good one!  Our trip to Nashville to see the Globetrotters was a lot of fun, but I have never had such trouble with parking, not even when we went to see the Titans game was it that bad!  This week the sun was hidden behind days of rain, some of which was almost torrential, and then ice.  As I write this, much of my back yard is encased in icicles.  Luckily, we don’t have many big trees or branches around that were in danger of snapping from the extra weight.  We got to look at the ice storm more for its beauty and not for its destruction.  I didn’t have to drive in it, or else I am sure I would be looking at it in a completely different way.  Everything was cancelled, no piano lessons for the boy and no gymnastics either.  Maybe the only disadvantage of doing school at home is that it is always on schedule regardless of the weather, technically inclement weather doesn’t keep us from work, but we can take extra breaks to go outside.  😉

Today is the first day that there is a chance of maybe seeing the sun.  The boy and I are leaving the house for a few hours and hoping to get to enjoy some of it.  After almost a whole week at home, I am feeling a little stir crazy!

Most exciting thing this week, besides getting internet?  Crunching through the yard and looking at all the ice.  Maybe I am easily amused.  Oh, wait, getting to go out for a celebratory dinner actually tops taking pictures of ice.  My guy finally got his promotion.  Yay!  But for today, I only have pictures of ice.

Azalea in Ice

In Ice



It is now another Friday so that means lots for me to do around the house.  My computer time is about done for the week.  It’s gonna be a sunshiny weekend so time to get out and get some extra vitamin D.

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