Out of Character


Or maybe, There’s No Place Like Home would be a better title for this post.  For two reasons: 1. I only wore these all day at home and 2. The original purpose of these shoes was for a costume in which red shoes were needed, Dorothy perhaps?  (The costume was not for me, by the way.)

I bought these because they were barely worn, only one evening I was told, and they were $1.00 from a yard sale.  They caught my eye right away because they seemed small enough for me, they were red, and they have the style of heel that I could see myself wearing.  Perfect transition shoes if you will, and for the price, it wouldn’t matter if heels really ended up not being for me, once again.  (I have tried to like high heels on me, really, I have!)

The style reminded me of character shoes that I have worn several times for dance productions back when I was an active ballerina.  My thoughts were I could at least dance in shoes like this if walking ended up not working out.  My visions of pirouettes and pas de bourrees across the living room floor were soon destroyed when the lady selling the shoes pointed out that since they were part of a costume, they had been spray painted red.  Oh, no!  As I picked them up and looked at them more closely, I could see they were not spray painted very well, and why hadn’t I noticed this right away?  There are streaks of red down the heel!

I bought them anyway, and I decided that I did want to save them, so I wore them today.  It was an indoor kind of day due to an ice storm that just passed by yesterday, and much to my son’s relief, I am not wearing them out to dinner tonight.  I wouldn’t want the paint to run, after all!  And really, the only reason I kept them was to get the feel for wearing heels, and this kind of heel I can wear.

With this pair saved and out of the way, I am now officially finished with the 2012 – 2013 shoe challenge!  I finished just three months shy of my April 1st deadline and once again, it was a lot of fun!  Thanks to those of you who followed along, and I am looking forward to the possibility of something else shoe related in the not to distant future.  I am working on a best of and maybe even a worst of for a few upcoming Tuesday posts.  I guess there is a little bit more of my shoes to go after all.

I wonder how well spray painted shoes do in wet weather?

12 Replies to “Out of Character”

  1. Yay! Well done on finishing, and before the official end date, too! I think this challenge is actually tougher than people think it’s going to be, so you did great, and I hope you got something out of it 🙂 You picked fabulous shoes to finish with too – it would’ve been a crime for those not to have been saved. Well done again,and thanks so much for taking part, and for your contributions to the forum – it’s been wonderful to see your shoe journey through the year!


    1. The challenge does take a good amount of commitment but it was worth it! I really am surprised by the positive response with these shoes. I am glad I saved them and they were a great pair to end with. Thanks for the inspiration and the idea of the whole shoe challenge. It was a fun shoe journey for me. 🙂


  2. I kinda like the spray-painted look from the front! It looks like a done-on-purpose ombre or something. 🙂 Umm… also… until reading this post, I believed ‘pas de bourrees’ was spelled ‘pottaburray.’ This is true- it’s too embarrassing to be made up.


    1. My most recent ballet teacher occasionally would write terms on the mirrors for the younger classes and it wasn’t until just a few years ago that I knew about the ‘pas de’. I did have to google the rest cause I was with you on thinking there had to be a burray of some sort at the end. 😉


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