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Outfit Photos Gone Wrong

The sun is refusing to shine most of this month, and I am blaming that for my lack of Thursday Thrift posts.  I was going to have one for you all today, but the rain ruined my plans to get outside and take any pictures (same ole story, […]

You’re on Candid Camera

A very familiar sight for me this time of the year, is something that looks a lot like what is pictured in this tree above.  I live in a house with hunters, and this is a plot watcher, or a hidden camera for wildlife.  I know all about […]

Not Exactly A Shoe Story

Nothing lasts forever, and certainly my one and only pair of roller-blades was no exception. I felt I had a slight bit of a bond with these things, I remember the day my dad came home with them. I was about, or close to, the same age as […]

My Quilt in Progress

I know I have mentioned it before, but I will say it once again (and then continue to make a blog post about it), I finally started my quilt.  This is just wonderful, I know, because it has been in the thought process since about last September and […]