Mini Coopers and Social Media

These two things have nothing to do with each other they are just what I was thinking about when I started this post. I have been ‘tweeting’ since before I have been blogging. And I was all on board with the Instagram thing when it came out – more so for the photo effects than for the idea of ‘sharing’ photos with strangers. But since I have gotten into the blog world, I guess that is kind of what I am doing, sharing a bit of me with strangers. Although, I have a feeling the biggest part of my regular followers are close friends and family, Hi everyone! Sorry, I may be rambling on a bit. There is probably a bit more rambling to come, so be warned.

I was lucky enough to get a similar username for Twitter and Instagram, DMgirl, way back when, even though I got them years apart. Well that must have been because there was no such thing as Dance Moms when I was setting up accounts. What is Dance Moms? I think it is some TV show that young pagenty-type, dancer girls are totally into and their moms also, from what I can tell. Well, since some of my social accounts have the same initials as said TV show, I have been bugged lately to give up my name, apparently these fans are willing to do anything! I am partial to my twitter name and my Instagram name, not because I am a Dance Mom, although, I could be. Not because of the TV show, but because I am one of the older students in my ballet class who also happens to be a mom. 🙂 (PS – that is not what my DM stands for.) Anyway, I am not giving up my username. How rude of me, huh? And I even took it a step further, I got two more accounts set up, just in case.

When I started this blog many years back it had a different name. It was only for traveling posts so I didn’t think too hard when I came up with the title. But then when I really wanted to be a consistent blogger, I had to think a bit to get something that would fit. Rejoice for the Day was not my first choice, but it was very close to what I wanted, which was already taken. Since I had a personal twitter account and one on Instagram, I never thought that one day someone might end up with my blog name, and it would be me asking, please could I have your username! (FYI, I would never be begging someone through social media to give up their name for me.) So last weekend I became the bearer of Rejoice4TheDay and RejoiceForTheDay on Twitter and Instagram. I don’t think I will be using them right away, posting to four accounts would just be too much, and I already have an okay following on the other two. But you never know, I might want my name someday.

There you have it, my rambling words on social media and usernames. I guess the title was somewhat misleading because I had nothing to say about Mini Coopers. Almost 600 words already, and I didn’t think aimlessly going on about my car would be a good idea after all of that. Thanks for reading, and if you want to follow me elsewhere, you can.  Remember, I am on Twitter and Instagram, and I am not into the show Dance Moms.

20130712-092210.jpgDoc Martens, on the other hand, I am a fan!  

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