Just Another Sunday

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Sundays are days for fun things, and it would seem, the second Sunday in July is for visiting wineries. This weekend was the second time my guy and I have made it to a winery – we haven’t made it very far on our ‘Tennessee winery tour’, and as far as wineries go, it seems we are very predicable. It was this very same weekend last year that we made our first visit to a winery and it was this very same winery.

We are planners though when it comes to some things, and this particular trip had been planned for about a month. At the Grinder’s Switch Winery during the summer it is happy hour on the second Sunday of the month and all wines are 10% off. We had previous plans last month but made our day free for this one. Plus there is free music and corn hole! Yes, I said corn hole. I thought it was called bean bag toss, but it has a proper name, and even its own association. Also, there are rules and people look at you funny when they find out you don’t know these rules. By the way, these same people might think you are slightly weird when you tell them you would rather not play with them. But that is okay, we were at the winery to enjoy the wine and each others company, strangers excluded. (Bonus not having to embarrass oneself with her lack of corn hole expertise in front of said strangers. I would say I will practice for another time, but I probably won’t.)

Like some days out for us, there had to be rain. So of course it was raining when we left the house. The winery was a few counties over so we figured there was a good chance what the weather was at home might not be what the weather was there, and we were right. The only rain we went through was on the road there and then on the road back. It seemed as if the weather channel had it right, for once.

I didn’t know what to expect. How good would the band be? Would there be lots of people? How about food? It didn’t take long to find out that there was not a lot of people, the band was alright, and there was no food. So if there is a next time, we probably won’t have to worry about a big crowd, the gazebo may be all ours once again, and we can take our own snacks. I really am hoping to have made it to another winery before there is a next time here, however. But, if not, I will gladly go again.

It was a nice way to spend one of many Sundays!


832Sundays(832 give or take.)

4 Replies to “Just Another Sunday”

  1. What a fun weekend activity! Don’t feel bad- I had no idea that game was called ‘corn hole,’ either! I may just stick with calling it bean bag toss… it seems like a slightly more dignified name. 🙂


  2. Well maybe the visit back here will inspire you to visit the other 3 wineries on your list. Either way sounds like a fun way to spend a day with your sweetheart. 🙂


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