Take Your Son to Work Night


It wasn’t officially named take your son to work night, but that is what my guy did last night.  He had some after hour upgrades to do at various locations, and thought the boy would like to go along for the ride.  It is hardly ever that the boy gets to experience life after 1030, nor life in public at that.  Nothing exciting has been reported back to me except for the two candy bars, and soda the boy got from an all night convenience store.  Very much a big deal in my boy’s eyes!  I sure hope he brushed his teeth when he got home.

An all-nighter for two of three in this house, makes for a pretty quiet day at home for me.  So while they are sleeping I have been spending my time outside, in the already hot outdoors.  I came in briefly for a coffee break and to make my Friday contribution to the blog world.  And so here I am,  briefly online typing away about not much.

My neighbor has not one, but two rows of green beans for me and I have already picked a bucket this morning.  And my blueberries are getting close to being done producing, so I am getting the final ones picked off of the bushes.  And yes, I did tend to my grapes yesterday but then it started to rain so I have to finish up there.  Plenty to do outside so I will gladly spend the day away from the housework inside.  I say gladly, but I may not feel the same way in a few hours of the humid heat.  I admire my family and friends who do this almost all day, everyday during the summer!  Me, on the other hand, I prefer the airconditioned indoors, at least until September.

Enough of nothing for now.  Until next time, when I will probably be writing about my most recent sewing project.  I know you all can’t wait… 🙂

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