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Weekend Happenings

It was another weekend at the lake for me, and like every other time at the lake, it was a lot of fun!  We have planned these days well this season; the perfect combination of cloudy skies, a little bit of wind and a just the right amount […]

Take Your Son to Work Night

It wasn’t officially named take your son to work night, but that is what my guy did last night.  He had some after hour upgrades to do at various locations, and thought the boy would like to go along for the ride.  It is hardly ever that the […]

Mini Coopers and Social Media

These two things have nothing to do with each other they are just what I was thinking about when I started this post. I have been ‘tweeting’ since before I have been blogging. And I was all on board with the Instagram thing when it came out – […]

My Thoughts From the Week

– Antique shopping is not something that one should do in a few hours time.  It really needs its own day. – Putting things off to the last minute is never a good idea, and I already knew this. – Freezing water balloons is harder than it seems.  […]

What’s Bugging Me

Yesterday I came home and went outside to let the dog run around the yard. It was a very nice afternoon, 83 degrees with only 30% humidity, (have I ever mentioned my dislike of humidity?) it was a great day! As I was sitting in the old worn […]

In the Sun

Well the weather has finally started to show signs of spring.  On Wednesday the sun came out and it was up in the 50’s, the 50’s!  That is quite a change from the mid 30’s that we have been having lately.  I figured this year winter would have […]