A Project for Another Day

I have had fast internet all week, and it has been great!  Now, of course, once I say this, my internet is sure to drop immediately and I will be back to pulling my hair out in frustration, and resort to viewing and finishing my blog post on my phone.  Well, so far so good.

I realized after last week’s Thrifter Thursday post, that the link-up on coffeeandcardigans.com only happens every other Thursday and so I had planned on posting about a DIY sewing project I have been wanting to do with thrifted items in lieu of a link-up post.  It would seem that my life has gotten in the way of sewing this week and I haven’t had a free moment for seam ripping and pattern cutting, so I am instead blogging about a project that I haven’t found the time to do.

A few weeks ago I came home to a yard sale just down the road, and I was happy about this because the lady having the sale has a daughter who would seem to be my size.  Last time I went to her yard sale I found several items that fit and I was very excited to check out the tables this particular week.  I, unfortunately, didn’t find anything but a sweater and these pants.

To become a future bag of some sort.

They are not my size and I don’t think I would have worn them even if they were, but I had plans for the material and for only a quarter, I had no problem with them sitting in my stack of to-do projects for the months to come if I didn’t get around to doing anything with them right away.

Then, being totally lucky once again, I passed by a yard sale last week and found some perfect straps that would go well with the project I had in mind.  Once again, they were only a quarter, double score!  This will make my to-be project cost a total of .50 plus the 3.00 I had to spend to replace my seam ripper, which was missing in action when I did find myself with a few minutes to spare.  Those minutes were gone by the time I went to the store to buy a new seam ripper.

Ah, the woes of a busy life!  And the funny thing about all of this is that I am a stay at home mom and wife – apparently one of the busiest jobs a girl could have!

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