That Time of the Year

It is that time of the year again. The time when the freezing temperatures roll in, and the grass is a white-ish grey in the early morning. When some mornings, more time is needed to get out of the driveway because there is a layer of ice coating the windshield. The time when the backyard is starting to look almost like a desolate wasteland. Soon only bare sticks and branches will be protruding from the ground and everything will become a dull, lifeless brown.

This morning when I ventured out into the 32 degree yard, I saw the Kudzu Cars. They show their lifeless forms every year around this time, and they remain present until sometime around May, when the life of spring is breathed back into the vines that have overtaken these classic creatures.

I never like the day that the cars show up. It just means that winter is around the corner, and the bleak and dreary landscape of the season has arrived. Although there is a temporary rest from those creeping vines, and that overtaking growth, the kudzu’s invasive beauty will be missed.

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