Shoe Save Twenty-Eight

Friday was way too warm for boots but I wore them anyway.

I knew the weather was gonna be nice, but didn’t realize it was warm enough for summer-like clothes.  This became quite apparent while spending time in the backyard getting some pictures and then becoming instantly too hot for leggings and boots.  The boy even came inside and put on shorts.  I am starting to think maybe we will have another warm winter this year, but then I stop thinking this when I remember it is still only November and there is still plenty of time for cold!

Simple, slouchy boots, literally.  Simple brand, and why had I never come across these sooner?  I just like everything about them.  If I had one complaint, it would probably be that they won’t hold up too well in wet weather, but other than that, they may just be my most comfortable pair of boots.  They have a good sturdy sole with plenty of grip and they have a good look.  I found them on and after a few tries, got the right size.  (The sizing on this brand is a bit off so my usual 5 was too small.)  I will have to say that makes ordering and returning shoes so easy, so I wasn’t one bit concerned about ending up with the wrong size and being stuck with a pair that didn’t fit.

These will surely be one to replace when the time comes.

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