Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

I love geometry! Wait, not the school subject, but the designs of geometry, all of them! Straight lines, parallel lines, intersecting lines, rounded lines, and on and on. Because this is a theme I enjoy so much, I thought I would be able to do more with my photo challenge this week. Unfortunately, the week is almost gone and I am still here, not having gone out to get any photos that mean geometry to me. I might mention also, that I am really not liking these early nights now that the time change has happened. My days seem to go by even faster and I am still trying to get done what wasn’t from the day before… Anyway, back to photos.

I am pulling up some pictures from years back. I do have many involving geometry. Geometric designs always catch my eye and I usually have a camera in hand to get a shot, even if it is occasionally mediocre.

I enjoyed browsing through this week’s submissions and here is my contribution. I am kind of on the trailing end of the challenge this week, and since it is Friday, I am gonna make this my regular Friday post as well. Maybe I will find more time next week to do a proper photo shoot for the upcoming challenge.


Deerfield Beach, Florida // Chicago // Blackness Castle, Scotland

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