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QuiltCon 2019

I came, I saw, I bought the bag! My plans that Thursday the 21st of February were to walk on over to the Frist Museum and take a gander at the new French Impressionist exhibit that was currently on display.  The weekend before that, I came across the […]

It’s Time for a Makeover

I have been back and forth with making the switch to a self-hosted site for about a year now, if not more.  I would like to spread my blogging wings, so to say, and with some things this is not completely possible without being self-hosted.  There are plenty […]

Weekend Happenings

It was another weekend at the lake for me, and like every other time at the lake, it was a lot of fun!  We have planned these days well this season; the perfect combination of cloudy skies, a little bit of wind and a just the right amount […]

My Quilt in Progress

I know I have mentioned it before, but I will say it once again (and then continue to make a blog post about it), I finally started my quilt.  This is just wonderful, I know, because it has been in the thought process since about last September and […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

I love geometry! Wait, not the school subject, but the designs of geometry, all of them! Straight lines, parallel lines, intersecting lines, rounded lines, and on and on. Because this is a theme I enjoy so much, I thought I would be able to do more with my […]