I came, I saw, I bought the bag!

My plans that Thursday the 21st of February were to walk on over to the Frist Museum and take a gander at the new French Impressionist exhibit that was currently on display.  The weekend before that, I came across the knowledge of QuiltCon.  It was in Nashville this year and it just so happened to be opening the very same day I was already going to be downtown.  I very much needed something to do with my morning, as my guy was in meetings, and I had downtown parking paid up for the day.  So since I was already downtown, and the museum exhibit will be showing for months, my plans changed.

After breakfast with my guy, we went our separate ways and I made the short 15 minute walk from where I was to Music City Center taking in the sights as I went.  When I got to the convention area, I wondered where the entrance would be, but then found myself behind several ladies with quilted bags.  I just followed them and moments later I exited the elevator exactly where I needed to be.

I found where to pay to get in and made my way to the back of the line that was waiting.  It took almost two minutes of walking to get to the back of said line; I was kind of surprised.  Since this was my first experience with such a thing, I didn’t know what to expect exactly.  I figured quilts displayed as works of art, and lots of vendors.  I was correct with my initial assessment.

Many, many quilts on display as art, and many many vendors everywhere.  There were lots of little workshops here and there too, but long lines for them, and pre-sign ups for most, which I knew nothing about before hand.  I was happy to just walk around and take in the sights, take lots of pictures, and do a little ‘window’ booth shopping.  I didn’t buy anything except the I was at QuiltCon tote bag.  I did revisit a couple of booths, but was unable to make up my mind on which quilt kit I wanted to buy.  I found that these booths also had websites, so I figured I’d be okay to think on it and get what I wanted at a later time.

I wore my Cotton and Steel, Tulip dress for the occasion – Cotton and Steel was actually there and had their own booth set up.  I had one person come up to me to compliment my dress.  She too had that very same material and needed to make something out of it she told me.  (I have a feeling I wasn’t the only fabric hoarder in the place.  🙂 )

I may have left with empty hands, but I did leave with a lot of inspiration and an even stronger desire to finish my current quilt in progress.  I am just so amazed at the time and detail that went into every single thing I saw there.  Definite works of art for sure.  And here are several of my favorites from the day. (You can click on the pics below for a bigger, slideshow type view.)

And that was my experience at QuiltCon 2019.  I don’t expect to be traveling to Austin to see it next year, so maybe next time it stops by Nashville I will go again.

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