Me Made Monday: Another Quilt Completed

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This post has been about two years in the making, maybe three. Let’s see, I bought the kit in 2019, started it in January of 2020, worked on it throughout the year and had it completed by December of 2020. Took photos of the quilt in July of 2021, and am finally posting about it in June of 2022. It’s been a bit of a quilt saga!

Part of the fun of making a quilt for me, is finding a cool location to take the final picture of it. I had the perfect spot in mind for this one and waited a whole 7 months to finally get the pictures. Last summer when we went to the sunflower festival, my quilt came with me.

This was a very easy quilt to make. I first came across the idea of a quilt kit at Quilt Con a few years back when I attended the one in Nashville. I almost bought it then, but thought I could find a better deal online. It was a kit that had pre-cut quarters and strips ready to go. All you had to do was cut from the fabric supplied some specific sized squares and strips. It didn’t take long at all to have everything ready to sew. I am sure I have some pictures of the process somewhere in my library, but I am just posting about the finished product today.

There were multiple assortments of fabric to chose from with the kits, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that I went with this one. You may recognize that telephone fabric from this dress I had previously made with some that I bought years back. 🙂

The kit did not come with any backing fabric, but luckily I had some that matched perfectly in my stash already. (In case you didn’t know, I have a pretty well stocked fabric stash, even to this day do I find myself still buying fabric despite the fact that I haven’t sewn in over a year.) I decided against hand quilting this one, and I randomly came up with stitching patterns for each of the blocks to do on the machine. There are some repeats and I have several stitches that will need to be touched up later down the road, as I was just getting the hang of my new sewing machine when I made this quilt, and I hadn’t completely figured out the back stitching button until after I was mostly done.

I am very happy with how it came out, and the more quilts I make, the more I am inspired to make more of them! It just takes me awhile to actually get going with them.

I got my quilt kit from Pineapple Fabrics. This particular pattern was called the Stepping Stones Quilt, and the Pineapple Pack that included the fabric was called Bella. Since it has been several years since I bought mine, the fabric choices have changed. But you can always just get the quilting pattern and cut your own with the fabric that you like.

If anyone has made anything else from a Pineapple Pack let me know. I’d love to see your creation!

Thanks for reading. ❤

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