Blackberries, Blueberries, and Bug Bites

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Summer is in full swing and it’s one of the hottest over here on record. Also, one of the driest. I was very happy to wake up to rain this morning, and it’s hopefully going to continue through the day. I know West Tennessee isn’t the only hot and dry place around lately, so I hope where ever you all are, that you are getting some good weather!

With all this sunshiny, hot and dry weather, I’ve been able to slack on the lawn mowing a bit, and the blackberry harvest is definitely on the weak side this summer. My best picking day was 2 gallons. Most days have been one gallon and as of last, I am getting half a gallon when I go out. My guess is that I have about a week or so left to go. As for the blueberries, mine are almost nonexistent. However, my neighbor across the street has plenty that he is more than glad to offer up. I picked myself a gallon of those last week and will probably get some more later on today. And that has been how I’ve spending my outside time lately. Oh, and there has been some bug bites! One specifically, and I have no clue what it was that got me, but it did a number on my arm for about half a week. I even felt a bit down for a day or so afterwards. Not sure if it was a reaction, or a touch of a cold. Anyway, I’ve decided on my fall picking attire of long sleeves, despite the sweat-inducing heat.

My days have also been spent hanging out with friends and on one such day we made some herbal infusions. This is going to be a lavender and peach leaf infusion. It’s ready now to be submerged in oil and heated for a few days. From there, I will probably make it into a salve and I have plenty of beeswax for that.

Plenty of beeswax because I can add more to my what I already have since we harvested honey for the second year at the beginning of the month. Twenty seven pounds of honey! It’s really cool having honey from our very own bees. 🙂

What else have I been up to in these last several weeks? Oh, yes, probably the best part of the last month for me was getting to spend a whole entire day with my boy. It was like the old days spending a day out and about in Franklin. He had a dentist appointment so hopefully he doesn’t just remember that part of the day, but that we got to spend some time together. Hard to believe it has been two years this coming week that he moved out on his own.

The puppies are doing great. They are more and more getting used to each other. I should say, Aspen is getting used to Daisy, because Daisy was used to Aspen the second she met her. They play all the time and are great company for each other and for me.

That’s about all I’ve been up to. Stephen and I got out of the house this weekend, and if you guessed we went to Crown for pizza and wine, you would be correct. Always makes for a great day out!

That’s all from me for now. Here’s a really cool picture around sunset from the other night. The clouds were so cool, and it wasn’t until the next day when I looked at the picture that I saw a face in the clouds. Do you see it? Also, I leave you with a video recap of June. All my months look a lot like this lately. ❤

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