The Hot and Long Days of Summer

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Mid-August and we’ve finally gotten a break to the heat, and some much needed rain! It’s always this time of the year that I assuredly tell myself I will not complain about the cold weather when it shows up in winter. It’s been so very hot that just taking the dogs out for a bathroom break gets me sweaty and annoyed. This weekend was much more to my liking and it was even nice enough for a few evenings and mornings on the deck. Always love those days!

I haven’t really been up to anything exciting since I last jumped on here to tell you all about my daily life. There have been a few coffee shop outings, I’m more of a tea drinker these days, but you sometimes want a latte and a fresh baked pastry once in a while. I’ve spent a little bit of time with some friends – that part of my life seems to be very limited these days. Most my friends have many things to do so it’s not always easy to get away for an afternoon. I’ve made a few trips to the nearby city, mostly to do some window shopping and looking for new workout gear. And actually, besides being a home body, I spend most my time at the gym – nothing has changed with that. The vineyard is in the growing stages of the season and with the little rain we’d had, the weeds weren’t too bad, until now. We have been getting rain again, and it doesn’t take much for everything to turn into an overgrown Tennessee jungle. The kudzu is starting to surround us here at home!

We have planned an upcoming vacation to the Gulf Coast and I am getting very anxious for that. Stephen is ready for some time off! A week hanging out by the sea will do us some good. I am sure the pups will enjoy it as well. And the pups, they are currently living their best lives! 😀

I think I have filled you all in. I am off to my sewing room to make something for the first time in a long time. It’s not everyday I have an itch to be creative, so when it shows up, I like to take advantage of it.

Thanks for reading! Here’s a look at July. ❤

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