It’s finally here, I think, fall! We had taste of it a couple of weeks ago, but that was ‘False Fall’ and then the week before last week was ‘second summer’, but now, now it really is fall. Maybe?

So, how has everyone been? It’s time for my once a month check in, which seems to be my current blogging pattern. I have been very busy the last several weeks, nay month, minus that one week I was hanging out on the beach. (I think after Labor Day vacations are going to start being a regular thing for us!)

When I started this post, two weeks ago, I was on dog minding duty. Aspen had just gotten fixed, and she was secluded to the kitchen while Daisy was very vocally trying to figure out why she couldn’t play with her. With Aspen down and Daisy fairly calm, I thought to pull out the computer and catch up on the blog, but that day has long passed, and here I am now filling in the details for what’s happened since.

Like I mentioned, we Started September on the beach. Gulf Shores this time with a prelude in Fairhope, Alabama. We had a great time! The weather was wonderful and the beach was calm with minimal people, so basically perfect!

A tiny house in Fairhope, AL

Muscadine season has come and gone, as have the family pickers who are on their way back to New Mexico now. It wasn’t our best season, but we got rid of everything we picked. This summer’s drought no doubt had something to do with the smaller harvest, and we had a few muscadine bandits that ate pretty well this summer. We are ending the season with one working batch of fresh wine, and I think it’s going to be our best yet, but that is still to be determined.

On the home front, Aspen the pup has recovered from her surgery after getting sick from the pain meds, then sick from the bland diet that was supposed to help settle her stomach from the pain meds. That first week was not a fun week for me, and after all that I decided I wasn’t ready to go at it again with Daisy, who was supposed to get fixed this week, so I postponed and am waiting a month before doing that all over again.

This is the first week I have the whole week to myself in a month, and I already feel quite productive. I am here, finishing up this post that I started two weeks ago, and I’ve just downloaded two months worth of photos onto my computer. I also have jars in the dishwasher getting cleaned so I can put this year’s honey harvest away, and I am about to go outside and do some of my own yard work. It’s been a great Monday so far, and I know it’s going to be a great week! Here’s a few more pics of what September looked like for me. If you can believe it, I didn’t even make a video a day post for last month. I’ll get to it eventually, but pics are all I have for now. Hope the month is going well for you all. I absolutely love October and I am planning to enjoy every minute of it.

Sitting on the beach in front of our condo.

Beach watchers, but it appears one is sleeping on duty.

What the back seat of my car looked like all month.

Have a great week, readers! And thanks for stopping by and sticking around. ❤

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