I couldn’t let November just pass by without an update on what life has looked like lately. Not as busy of a November as years before, but that was fine with me. So before the clock strikes December, here are a few highlights from my November.

1. Possibly our last Branson trip. And it was a very nice one. We stayed at our usual home away from home, and overall did our usual Branson things, only this time with two pups in tow and no boy. We definitely missed the boy not being with us this time, but made do and had a nice time despite the fact that we were a party of two. I can’t not do a vacation post, so I will leave the highlights of that trip for my 2022 travel posts that I will have up before this year is over.

2. Two too many trips to the dentist. Normally I don’t mind the dentist when it’s just a cleaning appointment, but this month I had to have a filling redone and that was not how I wanted to spend a Monday afternoon in November. Then I had to go back to get the filling looked at because it didn’t seem quite right. The days off were nice, but that was about it.

3. Solo Stove season. Our fire pit may be no more after getting a Solo Stove. Stephen won it at a business trip he went on earlier this month and we got to try it out on one of the colder nights of the month. It is pretty neat and I had been eyeing one for a while so it was really neat that he won one instead. For some reason I thought it was a gas stove when I saw them advertised, but turns out it is wood burning. Now, I may take apart our previous fire pit which was already on my yard to-do list case some of the stacked rocks were getting loose and falling.

4. Hunting season, but not dressmaking season. In years past, hunting season was my sewing time. I think I am going on two years of no dressmaking and while I do miss sewing, I really don’t have any room for any more dresses, or even clothes, in my closet so I am content to not make anything anytime soon. If you can believe it, I didn’t even go to the fabric super store while we were in Branson this time. Well, we did go, but it was closed that day and we never went back. It’s not like I really have any room for any more fabric either.

5. Lots of gym time which is pretty normal for any month. I am still teaching a class so I find myself at the gym 4 days a week, three of which also training with weights. I am just over a year of consistently following a specific weight training program and I am pretty proud of myself for that.

6. And I can’t forget about these two, they keep me busy every single day. Aspen and Daisy act like bickering siblings sometimes, not in a bad way, and I do chase puppies around on a regular basis, but it’s a pretty fun highlight of most days and they have become pretty good daily companions.

There you have it, and if you read this whole post you may think I haven’t really been up to too much. I am a pretty routine person and these days I wonder if things I do are even blog worthy. It wouldn’t hurt to get out of the house a bit more, or to tap into my creative side more often. Thanks for reading and I hope I have a few of you still around. Enjoy this last day of November!

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